My Spring Wishlist

It’s currently snowing here in Colorado, but I’m dreaming of summer. I know, I know, this says “Spring Wishlist.” Colorado doesn’t have a fabulous spring. Much of it is cold and windy, with occasional warm days sprinkled in here and there (just enough to tease you!). And we can get snow through May, so you just don’t know what the weather will really be like. Crazy. I still love it. But I’m definitely dreaming of summer and warm weather and sunshine. Lots of sunshine.

Here are some of the things I’m dreaming of…

1. This J.Crew lingerie set (found it on Pinterest, no link!)


2. This Rebecca Minkoff clutch


3. This Oasap dress would be the perfect pool cover-up


4. I’m in love with this pink Marysia bikini. In. Love.


5. These adorable little zebra flats would make me have happy feet! (Again, found on Pinterest with no link. Apologies!)


6. This Thug Life (Etsy) T-Shirt explains my life so well. I’m definitely a “hangry” person.


7. I was inspired by this gorgeous pink bathroom. I love color, and I have no doubt in my mind that my future home will have lots and lots (and lots) of color.


8. This creative and clever vertical kitchen storage from the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess. I am never short of amazed by the things that the staff comes up with!


Well, that’s all for now. I guess I’ll just keep dreaming of long summer days as I sit and watch the snow plummet to the earth. I’m so not a winter person.

xoxo Kelly


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