Big News!

Today was a big day for me: it was my last day of undergraduate classes. Next week are my Finals, and one week from today I’m going to be walking across the stage at my college graduation. I really can’t believe it! It’s gone by so fast, and while I’m more than ready to move on, it’s going to be an emotional couple of weeks.

Saying ‘goodbye’ has never been something that I’m good at. I’m kind of sensitive, so I always get a little bit emotional! But I’m just so grateful that I’ve made such wonderful friends that make it so hard to say ‘goodbye.’ I know that the friends I’ve made will be life-long friends, and I’m so proud of them (as well as myself!) for making it through 4 hard years of undergrad. Most of us are headed on to graduate school, or taking a year off to work or travel before grad school, so we’re all headed separate ways.

Even though very difficult goodbyes are near in my future, I’m going to enjoy the next couple of weeks. Graduation will be truly rewarding, and I’m so thrilled to share it with my loved ones. Happy Friday!


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