Life Lately

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted (is it just me, or have most of my posts started this way?). I’ve been really busy finishing up my summer semester, and I just started a new part-time summer job! So life has been a little hectic. But it’s all good–I’m finally getting a little break from school, and I’m enjoying some time to my self. If only I had my sewing machine…

Here are a few snapshots of what my life has looked like lately:

cathyThe Cathedral of Learning. I absolutely LOVE this building. So beautiful.

kitty friendkitty friend 2

This pretty kitty decided to take a little snooze on our back porch. I was so in love with it!





PhippsPhipps Conservatory on a morning walk.

photoI’ve got a little garden in my front yard, with a hugely successful squash plant! I’m kind of drowning in squash right now, help. I also have a mediocre tomato plant, and a healthy basil plant. I’ve loved trying to grow something, it makes me feel really good about my abilities! Plus, it’s exciting to cook food that you grew. Major bragging rights.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!


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