On Being Homesick

I feel a little ashamed to say that, with less than a month until I get to go home, homesickness has really gotten the best of me the last couple of weeks. I’ve had highs and lows that change on a daily basis, I’ve been a little grumpy and irritable, and I’ve had a few mild meltdowns.

I’m prepared for this week to be especially hard, because almost everyone will be going home for Thanksgiving break, and I’m starting to feel that little green pang of jealousy. I’m going to try so, so hard to spin my perspective and look at all of the positive things about this week, and try not to let my jealousy and my grumpiness affect others.

Thanksgiving should be a fun day, because a good friend of mine (from California!) is coming over and we’re going to make pizza for our little holiday. It’ll be nice to have someone to spend the day with, and I’m pretty excited about our Thanksgiving pizza!

It’s been a hard stretch, and a really long 6 months since I’ve seen my family. It will be so meaningful when I step off that plane in December and finally get to see my family! It’s nearly all I can think about, and I’m hoping it will motivate me to work extra hard through my finals.

Thanks for listening to my little homesickness rant, I know it isn’t the happiest little blog post that ever existed! But I’m getting through it, I know that this experience is making me stronger and more independent and a better human being.


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