Weekly Goals

Yes, okay, I’m one of those people who loves making goals. I like to make a lot of to-do lists, and I have multiple calendars in addition to my planner. But sometimes I feel like I don’t always spend my time that well. Recently I’ve wanted to be more productive, so last week I decided to make a “weekly goals” list to keep me on track. You guys, I loved it!

This little list of goals was more than just a list of homework. I added a few things that I really wanted to get accomplished, and even a couple of things that would make me happy (like painting!). It felt really good to check things off my list, and I felt like I spent my time more productively.

Here’s a sample of what my list looked like:

weekly goals

I think the keys to making a good list of goals is to make the goals specific, and attainable. Goals should never be something that are impossible to achieve. They should be challenging, but not so hard that you can’t accomplish them.

This week, I made a few goals that were kind of silly, like taking a bubble bath, to offset some of the harder goals–like going to the gym 3 times and learning the dermatomes for neuro.

I can’t wait to make a new list of goals for next week!



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