Summer Goals

I’m finishing up my summer semester this week, and I’m so happy to be able to go home for my summer vacation. It’s kind of my last official summer before I enter “the real world” so I’m excited to spend some time just relaxing and doing fun things. In typical fashion, I’ve come up with a few loose goals to help me make the most of my time this summer.

Summer Goals

1. Updating my resume — This is kind of a boring goal, but I think it’s so much easier to update it every few months rather than waiting until you need it.

2. Start a photo album — I’ve had the most amazing time in Pittsburgh for grad school, and my grad school adventures are far from over. Next spring, I’ll be traveling to other states for my full-time internships, and I want to have a physical photo album/scrapbook all about my grad school experience.

3. Do some serious sewing — I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be making yet, but I do have some ideas that I want to try out. I’d also love to start experimenting with sewing clothing, but we’ll see. Might be above my skill level!

4. Downsize — The last 5 years have been hard, because I’ve had 2 homes (my home at school, and my parents house). So I have a lot of stuff back at my parents house that I haven’t used since high school that I need to get rid of. I want to de-clutter my bedroom, donate some clothes, and get rid of things I don’t need.

5. Handmade stationary — I love giving people handmade cards for birthdays, thank you notes, and everything in between. But I know that the next year of my life is going to be pretty chaotic, and I won’t have time to make cards. So, I want to make some pretty multi-purpose stationary that I can give to friends in a pinch.

Those are some of my goals for this summer! I find that setting goals helps me be more productive and organized, and I tend to get more done when I have some sort of structure. What are you excited to work on/accomplish this summer?


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