Garden Goodness


One of my favorite things to do in Pittsburgh is spend a quiet morning in Phipps Conservatory, an amazing botanical garden/greenhouse/escape from an urban landscape. It’s especially amazing in the winter, since it’s pretty warm and snuggly inside, and the lively plants really cure the winter blues!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend my morning at Phipps–it is my happy place, after all–and snapped a few photos that I’m sharing here on the blog today.


Desert room

Of all the amazing rooms, the Desert Room is definitely my favorite. It may not be filled with ornate flowers, but those little cactus’ are poky and I love them. Everything about them is fascinating!


If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, make sure you check out Phipps! It’s a beautiful building filled with unique plants and flowers, plus they rotate the displays seasonally so the rooms are changing constantly.

One last photo of my morning–walking back from Phipps, I looked over the bridge and the view was gorgeous. This picture doesn’t do it justice (my iPhone camera isn’t working as well these days), but the lush trees with the Cathedral in the background…oh man. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful, old city. I’m really trying to appreciate everything about it before my time here is over.




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