What’s in Her Bag?

Today I want to share the contents of my “emergency” bag that I take with me to my internship every day.


I love the adorable print on this Clinique makeup bag. My grandma uses their products and often gives me the free gift she gets, which I always love!


What’s inside?

  1. Hair ties: I’ve learned from numerous experiences to always have a spare hair tie with you. You never know when you’ll need them!
  2. Mini hand-sanitizer: I’m sort of a germaphobe, and while I try to refrain from over-using my hand-sanitizer, I like to use it after I sneeze or cough to protect others, and I also like to use it before I eat. Someone sick may have touched the doorknob just before you!
  3. Medicine: I don’t take much medicine in my life, but the day I don’t bring ibuprofen I have a massive headache. I like to keep a few ibuprofen and some rolaids in my bag, just in case.
  4. Bandaids: I’m pretty clumsy. Once, I cut my finger trying to get through security in the airport, and I didn’t have a bandaid–I was bleeding all over myself and my stuff! So I like to keep a few bandaids in my bag.
  5. Tampon: for obvious reasons (:
  6. Pen: while I typically just use black ball point pens, I’m loving these Staedtler felt tip ink pens. They come in all different colors, and they make me feel special when I use them.
  7. Chapstick: I go through lots of different types of chapstick. Right now at work, I just use the grocery store brand (I know, I know, but it seems to work pretty dang well!). I also love Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Peach Kiss.
  8. Gum: After lunch or coffee break, I like to pop some gum. Extra is always refreshingly minty, and helps take care of any lingering coffee breath.
  9. *Contact solution: I’m trying to always have contact solution with me, because my eyes tend to get really dry in the afternoon.

*not pictured

So, those are all the contents I keep in my “emergency” bag! I’m always trying to keep it well-stocked and efficient. If you have any suggestions about what else I should toss in there, let me know on Twitter @kellytraut.



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