I always appreciate the beginning of January as an opportunity to reflect on my life over the past year, and to make goals and create wild dreams for the new one. While I don’t typically make resolutions, I like to set intentions for what I’d like to accomplish, or values/feelings I’d like to embody in the new year. 

Last year was a big one for me. I really came into my own in Pittsburgh in grad school. I made lifelong friends in school, and we cried and laughed and suffered and thrived together. I spent the whole summer vacation back home in Colorado, and realized I missed it more than I had thought. And last term, after more meltdowns than I can count and frustrated phone calls to my parents, after reaching the point of complete mental and physical exhaustion weekly only to rejuvenate myself and then be quickly pushed back down, I finally finished my last academic term of grad school. I realize, I’m making it sound really bad. Let me just say, I’m so glad I pursued this path, because the hard work I’ve put in will take me where I want to go in life. But I think I have to be honest with myself: I wasn’t happy, my life wasn’t balanced, I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. 

New Year.

I’m starting this year out with a great big adventure. New city (and state!). I don’t have any family here, nor do I know anybody. But the thought of starting over and carving out my own path and place in the world excited me. There will be great challenges to come, and hopefully I’m ready to face them as they crash over me like waves. 

This year, my intentions are family simple. I want to be kind, wholeheartedly, to others and to myself. I want to find joy and happiness in everyday life, in the small things that seem ordinary but make my days extraordinary. And I want to take the time to rekindle my old interests/hobbies, as well as explore some new ones, because I want to rediscover who I am without school. 

Phew. That felt heavy, but I needed to say it. Thanks for listening, always! 



Road Trip

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, you guys. Happy 2016!

It’s been pretty busy around here with lots of exploring and driving and eating and driving (road trips, am I right?). My brother and dad helped me drive the 30-35 hour trip from Colorado to Florida last week, and yes, we hit all of those crazy storms along the way. It was a lot of fun, and I’m so thankful they were able to come along for the ride.

I want to share some photos from our trip in my little corner of the internet today:

new mexico

New Mexico looked gorgeous from the backseat…adding it to my travel to-do list!

dalhart 2

At a gas station in Dalhart, TX

houston tx

A neato statue in Houston, TX as we drove past

baton rouge, la 1

baton rouge, la, 2

This bridge in Baton Rouge, LA made me go all heart-eyed emoji


This is a major photo fail…a combination of sitting in the backseat + being super scared because of the scariest storms we were driving through. Maybe my resolution should be to learn how to take better photos! lol


Alabama looked like a pretty cool place, except we were driving through tornado warnings the whole time. Not good.

panama city beach, fl 1

We stopped in Panama City Beach, FL for an afternoon on the way down. It was a beautiful beach!

po folks fl

PoFolks chicken + dumplings and cornbread. Amazing. Callaway, FL.

ellie schiller 2ellie schiller 4

ellie schiller 5

The Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park was a great way to spend an afternoon. Lots of amazing animals in very natural cages (the hippo was just in his eating area, don’t worry, he has a nice big pond and looked very happy). Fun for adults and kids!

pine island beach fl 4

My brother is the best (:

pine island beach fl 5

I love the beach!

pine island sunset

That sunset though…paradise.