My Blogging Story

I started this blog about two years ago as a way to carve out my own little corner of the internet, and I’ve really enjoyed watching it bloom as I’ve tried to curate a collection of topics that matter to me. Things have definitely changed since I started Imperfect Chevron, and I definitely feel like I’ve found the “direction” I want my blog to go.

Today I thought I’d share a little about how I got into blogging, where I come from, all that rambly goodness. (: So here goes!

My Blogging Story via Imperfect Chevron

In high school, being my angsty/dorky/English-loving self, I decided to start a poetry & writing blog. I called it “Dog, Lost.” *total face palm moment* It lasted about 2 months and I think I only had like 2 readers during that time. I lost interest and deleted all the evidence.

During my time at Colorado State University, I was given the ultra-cool opportunity to be a student blogger for the PR department (specifically the Social Media division). It really sparked my passion for blogging, and I learned SO much along the way; about creating meaningful content, finding a consistent voice, and engaging in several social media/networking sites. Shout-out to my amazing boss at CSU, Kimberly!

I knew I wanted to start a blog of my own, but I didn’t have much time in college, so my blogging dreams kind of stumbled around for a while. And then, I figured out the perfect name for my blog: Imperfect Chevron! Chevron patterns were really big that year, and I was reading a home decor magazine that featured these beautiful hand towels with a pattern called “imperfect chevron.” Those towels really struck me–life isn’t perfect, and imperfect can be beautiful! So I launched Imperfect Chevron slowly into the world, adding new blog posts whenever I had the time to build up the site.

Eventually, I decided to connect my social media accounts with Imperfect Chevron to start to grow a little community around the blog and engage with my readers. I’ve also defined the topics that I’m most passionate about which I want to feature in my blog: fashion, beauty, home decor, sewing & crafting, and cooking & eating. That’s my vision going forward with the blog, and I’m so excited about the direction Imperfect Chevron is heading in. It feels so good.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on there, you guys are the best.



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