Home Obsession: Container Homes

You guys, this post today is super exciting for me to write. I’ve always loved dreaming about what my future home might look like, creating Pinterest boards of all the lovely mid-century modern style that totally gives me all the feels…in short, home design inspires me. And in the past couple of years, I’ve unearthed my obsession (and to be honest, my dream) with shipping container homes. This post is like my love letter to shipping container homes, and it is one of my biggest dreams to design and build one of these beauties some day (is that super unrealistic? Probably, but it’s still on my list. A girl’s gotta dream, right?).

I could go on gushing about container homes forever, but I’d rather share some of my favorite pictures and designs with you. All of these are featured on my Pinterest board, Shipping Container Homes, which is my little collection of hopes and dreams. Click the pictures for sources!

Shipping container home:

Love the orange containers, big windows, and staggered containers.

wood siding:

Amazing 2500 sq ft container home:

the family who designed and built it has a great blog with lots of pictures!

shipping containter homes via Imperfect Chevron


shipping container homes via Imperfect Chevron

The appeal of shipping container homes, for me, is being able to reuse something old and ugly and turning it into something beautiful. I love that you can be really creative and design something that is functional for your family, and uses the land well to save on energy. Plus, I want to spend my time outdoors or traveling, so designing a home that is just the right amount of space really speaks to me.

I know that this dream is really lofty and probably a little unrealistic, but I think it’s good to have goals and dreams. What do you guys think, would you ever live in a shipping container home?




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