Challenge: Coffee Table Essentials

You guys probably know by now that I have big home decor dreams, and I swoon over the idea of decorating my own place someday. So when I came across the Coffee Table Essentials Challenge from Chairish, I decided to take part! Creating a style board for home decor? Heck yes, I’m in. All opinions in this post are my own.

Coffee Table Essentials via Imperfect Chevron

I’m all about that base

Picking a coffee table from Chairish was pretty painless. I quickly felt attached to this 1960’s Danish teak coffee table–I love the retro feel of the smooth cutouts. Plus, I loved that it had some room underneath for storage; I believe that space shouldn’t be wasted and every piece of furniture should really work for your home.

Top of the World 

I hate cluttered spaces, so I’d add a pop of color and functionality with this funky orange Lacquer Tray. It would be great for corraling a few odds and ends–T.V. remote, coffee table books or magazines, chapstick, etc. It’d also make a great spot to store these adorable yellow coasters, which are essential for keeping your table in great shape. I also love fresh flowers, especially pink peonies, and having a modern and unique vase would add a nice touch.

Bonus Space

Like I said before, I love the way this coffee table has room for storage. I’d use 2 metal baskets or boxes that slide under the tabletop to store all of the odds and ends that don’t need to clutter the table every day. I like that these two baskets are very different styles, but would mix well together.

Ok, so that was pretty fun! I like knowing I can style a space for function and aesthetic–it feels good to have ideas for this kind of stuff. Someday, when I graduate and find a job and get my own little place, I know I’ll be able to curate a cozy and practical coffee table space. Pretty cool. (:


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Chairish. All opinions are my own.


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