DIY: Sewing Table Makeover

I was the lucky girl to stumble upon my sewing machine and table a couple of years ago in a flea market (1960s Viking Husqvarna and a super cool old sewing table that folds out to give you more room), and I was even luckier that my mom bought it for me for Christmas and had the sewing machine repaired. It’s been a great machine, and I’ve sewed some fun projects on it!

But the table needed a little love, for sure. While it’s very sturdy and well-made (they just don’t make furniture like they used to, am I right?), there was a pretty big water stain on the top of the desk. I’d been brainstorming different ideas for how I wanted to fix up the table, and I originally thought I might paint the drawers a fun color or pattern. But the table is so classic, so pretty and old and well-made, I ultimately decided to stain the top of the desk (where the damage was concentrated) and keep the rest of the piece in its original state.

Sewing Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

With the help of my dad, I sanded down the top of the table with a sander. Pretty sure I found my true calling, sanding with that machine was so fun! I wish I had a picture of me sanding the table, with the work glasses and gloves on! But you’ll just have to imagine it. Lucky for me, only the top of the table was damaged, so I didn’t have to sand down any of the rest of the table.

Next, I applied a few coats of a stain that I thought was going to be pretty close to the original stain color and a top coat. You guys, the stain color is the exact same as the original. Ok, I’m sure it’s not exactly the same, but you couldn’t tell the difference if you looked at it with a magnifying glass. It looks amazing!


Sewing Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

I didn’t want to ruin the classic 60s vibe of the table, but I did want to have a little fun and a little happy pop of color somehow, so I picked out some pretty blue floral contact paper at the store and applied it to the inside of the drawers! It’s a subtle statement that I think is really fun, and nobody except me will ever see it, but I love seeing the happy print every time I open the drawers.

Sewing Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

Sewing Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron


Sewing Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

I’ve been dreaming of finishing this project for a while, and it felt so good to tackle it and have it turn out really great. It just feels nice to check stuff off your to-do list, you know?



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