Life Update: Dog Days of Summer

We’ve finally gotten to that “Dog Days of Summer” time of year, although here in CO it’s been really cool (like pants weather) this week. I’m in full speed job-searching mode around here, so life’s been a little hectic, but also exciting.

Here’s a few photos from what’s been going on around here lately:

  1. I passed the NBCOT (a really big scary national board exam for occupational therapy), and i had a special celebration with my family and this amazing bundt cake.Life Update via Imperfect Chevron
  2. doggie car rides are always the best. this dude is turning 14 next week and we’re all amazed and grateful that he’s lived this long and happy life. he had cancer a few years back, and the vet told us this year that he’s got active cancer now, so we’re not expecting a lot more time with him but we’re grateful for every day that he’s able to spend with us (still enjoying life).Life Update via Imperfect Chevron
  3. I bought this little stool for $3 at a thrift store; it had black legs and the most hideous carpety fabric. I painted the legs white and recovered the cushion in this adorable citron polka dot fabric. it’s currently functioning at my sewing table/vanity table.Life Update via Imperfect Chevron
  4. in one of my free hours last week i made this little polka dot card set. i used acrylic paint, heavy art paper (which I cut into the perfect sizes), and this calligraphy cheat.Life Update via Imperfect Chevron

Hope your week is going great!



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