A Coconut Birthday + A Dog Birthday

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September is a big month for birthdays in my family; my dog’s birthday is on the 1st, and my brother’s birthday is the following week. So you can bet I break out the “Happy Birthday” banner and go all out. You guys, I love birthdays. And giving gifts. And eating cake. Which is what this post is all about, hooray!

I found a Teflon bundt pan at the thrift store (for $1.50, how cool is that!?) recently, and decided to buy it to try my hand at recreating the incredible bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I pinned a bunch of bundt recipes and gave my brother the options, and not surprisingly he chose the coconut bundt cake. We’re big coconut fans, over here! This was my first real cake that I’ve ever baked and decorated all fancy, and I was sweating so much when I was popping that cake out of the pan. I had this vision of half the cake falling out of the pan, and half of the cake sticking in the pan. But look how good it came out:

Coconut Bundt Cake via Imperfect Chevron

Coconut Bundt Cake via Imperfect Chevron

Look at that beauty! The shape of the 70’s, as the box kindly told me (whatever that means).

And then I got to decorate it with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut topping. Decorating this cake was probably the most fun I’ve ever had–just piping on that frosting! So. Good.

Coconut Bundt Cake via Imperfect Chevron

Coconut Bundt Cake via Imperfect Chevron

Is that not the dreamiest cake you’ve ever seen? The best part was eating this cake, of course. It was incredible, seriously! I couldn’t believe I made it. And the highest compliment came from my grandma, who asked for my recipe. Yuh-huh. This cake is what all coconut cake dreams are made of.

If you’ve got a birthday or special celebration coming up, consider making this pretty cake!

And just for a bonus, here’s a couple pictures from Ben’s birthday:

I made him dog-safe “pupcakes” which he LOVED

Coconut Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

And the birthday boy with a special bow on his special day:

Coconut Birthday via Imperfect Chevron


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