Back ‘en pointe’

If you know me really well, you know that I’m a dancer. Well, a ballerina, more specifically…Anyway, I danced my whole life, and in high school I was in the company at my studio, which meant I danced 6 days a week (and loved it, by the way). I chose not to major in dance in college, though I took a class with dance majors at my university. It was a really bad experience, and it’s much too long to go into in this little post. But that class was enough to send me running from ballet for a while, and I actually took a 3 year hiatus from it altogether. It was a lot of learning about who I was without dance, but it definitely got old.

Last summer when I was on break from school, I decided to go take the adult ballet class at my old studio, and from the first moment I stepped into the building I felt that electricity running through me that I used to get in ballet. And I haven’t looked back! I will never, ever, take a long break from ballet again. It fills my heart and feeds my soul in a way that nothing else can. And now that I’m an “adult” in the ballet world, the competitive aspect of ballet is gone. It’s just about enjoying myself, challenging myself, and laughing the whole way. One of those lofty goals I always had in my head was getting back to pointe work, and this summer one of my friends started up with her pointe shoes again and it really pushed me and inspired me to just do it! Yes, it would be hard and painful, but why not just do it?

Back en Pointe via Imperfect Chevron

I’m really happy to say I’ve started doing pointe again, although just at barre (and with a firm grip on the barre, I’m a total fraidy-cat)…but it’s so fun! Just to do something because I want to do it, not because I have to do it. Just to do it for myself. It’s really refreshing and special. And it also hurts. But the feeling I get from ballet, the electricity I’m getting from doing pointe work again…it’s worth it, it really is. I love ballet, and I’ve gone on way too long gushing about it, but I’m going to share a couple pictures of my pointe shoes because, you know, they’re beautiful and I love them so. And yes, I did take dorky pictures of myself in my pointe shoes wearing jeans, because I’m just that cool.

Back en Pointe via Imperfect Chevron

I guess I’m just so thankful every day that I’m getting to live this life, that I’m able to still dance and that it still fills me up with love and light and joy. I cherish it. AND I’m so thankful that my old studio has such an incredible adult ballet program, and that the instructors are the most inspiring and wonderful, caring people.

Back en Pointe via Imperfect Chevron

Back en Pointe via Imperfect Chevron

Thanks for letting me gush about this, it just feels like such a big deal to me and I wanted to share something positive among all this negativity that’s out there right now. Find what makes you happy, and do it! Always.


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