Life Update: Fall Feelings

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through October, especially with the nice weather we’ve been having in Denver! I’ve been milking it to wear shorts as long as I possibly can, because I know the winter lasts so so long and I’ll be really missing my shorts soon enough. Anyway, I do love Fall in Colorado. The leaves are really beautiful right now, and I will go slightly out of my way to step on any crunchy-looking leaves (: Anybody else love that? I’m also always really excited about Halloween, because it’s my favorite holiday, but I’m also sort of sad that I don’t have any plans this year yet. Because I really love dressing up, but I’m not about to put a costume on to sit on my couch.

Here’s some photos of life lately:

My parents and I hiked at White Ranch on Sunday morning, and it was the least crowded I’ve ever seen that trail! I love hiking so much. Just look at that view:

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

My pets are the sweetest two I’ve ever known, and they’re definitely best friends:

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

Loving the contrast of the yellow leaves against the blue sky. Just a good reminder to look up more!

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

I made this amazing salsa verde (tomatillo) this weekend for carnitas tacos (yes, I know I’m obsessed with carnitas and you’re sick of hearing about it). You guys, I think if I could just eat carnitas and then sleep, that would be just about the perfect day.

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

My family has a Denver Zoo membership still, and we use it so much (we really, really like animals). This fall, they have this amazing exhibit called “Washed Ashore,” with these enormous animal sculptures all around the zoo. The kicker, though, is that they’re all created with trash that washed up on the beach. It’s such a powerful statement, and reminder to be more conscious of how much trash we’re producing and how much of that trash is ending up in the oceans. If you’re in the Denver area, get yourself to the zoo and check it out for a limited time:

Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron

I got my hair chopped, too! New season, new hair. It’s a little shorter than I originally asked for, but the style is really perfect and I’m loving it. The style is a little shaggy a-line bob, so the front is a lot longer than the back. I love it because I just blot my hair with a towel, add a little sea salt spray and scrunch lightly, and then let my hair just be it’s natural self.
Fall Feelings via Imperfect Chevron



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