A Big Announcement

Today I have some big news to share with you: I got a job! I’ve been looking for jobs since passing the NBCOT exam (occupational therapy boards) in late August, and it’s been a challenging and frustrating few months. 

Even when my life feels totally ridiculous, I prefer not to be bored. I think I’m a wanderer at heart.

I was in the SF Bay Area for a job interview recently (you can read about that trip here), and I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted the job! I don’t want to say too much about it right now, but I’ll be working in a hand therapy clinic, which is my dream. I’m terrified and elated, and all of this is very bittersweet. So in a couple of weeks, I’m moving from beautiful Colorado, which I’ll always consider to be my home, to California. Big changes! 

I’m launched into what I call “survival mode” with arranging travel plans, housing, and all of the logistical things that are involved with moving. It’s an exciting time for me, but also an emotional and stressful time. I’m so thankful to have the love and support of my friends and family, and I really feel like so many people out there are rooting for me and sending good vibes my way, which has been amazing and I feel so lucky. So thank you, everyone! You’re making a stressful and emotional transition much less awful (: 

I’ll keep you all posted on how my move and my transition to California life is going! For now, thanks for reading and sending any good vibes you have to spare. Stay tuned! 


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