Life Lately: October Vibes

Is it just me or was it just August, like, last week? Somehow we’re already almost through all of October, and it hasn’t quite felt like fall to me yet. Maybe it’s because I’m used to the Colorado fall, and here in California it’s still been pretty warm. Seriously, this week is in the high 80s and low 90s! There’s barely any color changes in the leaves, too, which is kind of weird. But, one way or another, it’s almost November. Wanted to share a few quick photos with a brief update, since it’s been such a busy fall.

Life Lately // Imperfect Chevron

A couple of weekends ago, I hiked Mission Peak (a classic Fremont hike) with a friend. It was 85 degrees in the middle of the afternoon and we didn’t bring enough water, and I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it. My friend pushed me to the top, and even though I probably won’t do that hike again anytime soon, I’m glad we made it. This picture is the view from the top. (Also pretty amazed my friend put up with my complaining, thanks for dealing with me at my worst.)

Life Lately // Imperfect Chevron

After trying sushi for the first time this month (and loving it, surprisingly!), I picked up this adorable printed blouse as an homage to my new love for it. All them sushi vibes!

Life Lately // Imperfect Chevron

Made homemade hot-pot last weekend, and it was SO good. Still tampering with the broth recipe, but it’ll get there. If you haven’t had hot-pot before, it’s a broth that you cook meat and vegetables in at your table (kind of like Asian fondue, I guess?).

Life Lately // Imperfect Chevron

My poor kitty (who lives in Colorado with my parents) had to have a cyst removed above her eye this week, and she looked so scary after! Poor little girl. I guess the timing is all right, with Halloween right around the corner. She can go as a zombie cat, maybe?

Life Lately // Imperfect Chevron

Picked up this little Cabin candle and have really enjoyed burning it so far. It’s subtle but freshens up the room with a musky, earthy scent.


And a snapchat from the Pumpkin patch, because what would Halloween be without pumpkins? Side note, I carved mine WAY too early and it’s already mushy. So. Womp womp. But it was still fun, definitely one of my favorite fall traditions. My family always carved pumpkins every year, and I love continuing to do so to celebrate the season.

Anyway, hope things are going well for all of you! Happy Halloween (:



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