Family Weekend in Santa Cruz

Are you guys busy getting ready for Halloween this weekend? I feel like it really snuck up on me this year, I’m just spending the night with my roommates and friends for some board games in costumes (we’re all dressing up as different Rick’s and Morty’s from “Rick and Morty”). I didn’t go to any Halloween parties this year, because my parents flew out from Colorado to visit.

We drove down to Santa Cruz, CA and spent a fun and relaxing 3-day weekend in the surf and sand. I think we got really lucky with the weather, because it was in the upper 60’s and 70’s with sun while we were there. We spent our time eating good food, walking around a few towns, and sitting in the sand. It was the best! Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron


Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

We stayed in an Airbnb about a mile from Capitola Village, which is one of my favorite Santa Cruz beaches. There’s always a lot to do and see in the village; you can walk along the beach, watch the surfers ride the waves, stroll around the town, and grab a bite to eat. The crowd seems to be very family friendly, too, so it’d be a good place to take kiddos.

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

My favorite little beach-side shop to eat is Beach Break by Mariannes in Capitola – they have amazing fries. I got the fried chicken sandwich with sriracha-mayo, but the burgers are great, too. I always take pictures of my food, my parents think I’m ridiculous. But how else will I remember the great meals? Duh.

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

My parents are seriously the best. I’m so grateful that we have such a close family and good relationship, I know a lot of people don’t have that with their families. Anyway. I’m just glad to have them in my life.

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

The first day, we drove down to Pajaro Dunes area, exploring. The beach ended up being too cold and windy that day, but we stopped at a farm stand and picked up these INCREDIBLE berries. I am not kidding, these strawberries were the BEST I’ve ever had. I’m not sure I can even eat a normal strawberry again. Kidding, but they really were that good.

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

On our second morning, we walked around the Santa Cruz beach harbor in the fog. The guy who took this picture at the lighthouse for us said “do something exciting,” and apparently I thought that meant sticking my arm out. Haha.


Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

We loved spending time at Main Beach and the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. My favorite part is the wharf, because they have all these little cut-outs where you can peek down under the pier and see sea lions! We must have seen 100’s of them over the weekend. We kept going back for more, haha. My family really loves animals. Sea lions are so fun to watch, they keep climbing on top of each other to get the best napping spot.

Santa Cruz Family Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

We grabbed street tacos at a little dive just up the street from the wharf. You just can’t go to the beach without getting tacos, am I right? The shredded chicken taco was SO GOOD, you guys. I wish I remembered what the little restaurant was called…I do remember it was green! Anybody know?

Anyway, I loved spending the weekend at the beach with my parents. I’m so glad they were able to fly out and visit me, especially because it’s pretty rare I get to see them these days! Such a good time.


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