Tahoe Weekend Fun

It’s been a while since this Tahoe trip (it’s a little ridiculous how behind I am, this trip was in February you guys), but I wanted to share a few pictures of the weekend with you all!

Living in the SF Bay Area, we’re about 4-6 hours away from Lake Tahoe, which is definitely doable for a weekend getaway. In February, a few of my friends rented a little Airbnb cabin up at the Lake and spent a short weekend lounging in the mountains. I didn’t ski while I was there, which hurt my Colorado ski pride just a lil bit┬ábut the trip was planned last minute and I don’t have any of my gear out here. Like, I don’t even have a winter coat. But it was still a really fun trip!

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

The cabin was right across the street from the lake, and the weather was really nice while we were there. There actually wasn’t much snow up there, which was kind of nice because we could walk around and not need snow boots or heavy jackets.

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

LOL look at this ski slope, you guys. When you’re from Colorado, and you see a slope like this…yikes. This was just one of the small ski slopes in Tahoe, I hear the big ones are actually really nice! I want to go up and ski at Tahoe next year, it’s been way too long!

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

I wanted to post some videos of the cabin and some of the food we ate (the best BLT sandwich EVER, you guys!) but WordPress wouldn’t let me. Sorry there’s so few pictures of the trip. I’m hoping to go back over the summer and see more of Tahoe, especially that gorgeous blue lake!