End Table Makeover

One of my favorite things to do is scour thrift stores and flea markets…it’s part hobby, part addiction. It’s so satisfying when you find something incredible and look at the price tag and find you can afford it–plus, I think it’s good for the planet to reuse and upcycle rather than buying everything brand new. Win, win!

On a recent trip to a local thrift shop, I found this little side table for only $7. Real wood, adorable little size, it was perfect. But I didn’t love the look of it.

End Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to do with the end table…should I stain it, paint it? And suddenly I just had this vision, I could see the end product and it looked fabulous. It sounds a little crazy but sometimes you just can see it, what it’s meant to look like, you know?

After sanding down the top (it was a little glossy) and priming the whole end table, I picked up 4 sample size cans of paint. Here are the colors I picked:

End Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

I had a lovely little helper along the way. It’s funny, but Ben just always wants to be right on top of you, doing what you’re doing. Even though he just sleeps while you work, it’s still so sweet.

End Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

And after several hours of labor and a coat of varnish to help protect the paint, I was finished:

End Table Makeover via Imperfect Chevron

You guys, I am so proud of this little side table! Those triangles took FOREVER but the geometric statement is so strong that it’s worth it. I think it’s amazing, because I took something that was very traditional and a little blah, and turned it into something with a modern style that I love! With a little vision and a little paint, you really can accomplish something special.

What do you think of my little project?


DIY: Gallery Wall

Since I got back home in July, I’ve been helping my mom recharge and update our house. I helped her pick a new couch (which is the most beautiful couch in the whole world, in my opinion) and two new modern chairs, we’ve been rearranging and DIY-ing some thrift store finds. All in all, it’s been good. But our living room needed some sort of a statement, it was just really blah. So I proposed the idea of making a gallery wall above the couch, with all of our paintings and little odds and ends. My mom loved the idea, and we got to work! Here’s how we did it:

  1. I collected all of our unused paintings (most of which were done by my brother, my mom, and I) and pictures in the basement, where I knew I would have a lot of room to spread out without my dog trampling all the pictures. I just started putting the pictures together in random assortments, trying to achieve that balanced/unbalanced look, and it took me a few tries but I figured out exactly how I wanted it to look and snapped a picture for reference. DIY Gallery Wall via Imperfect Chevron
  2. My mom helped me hold each picture up on the wall above the couch individually, and I marked the corners of each picture with painters tape to get a general idea of how the pictures would fit in the space and in relation to each other. This took a while, but luckily we didn’t have to redo it–we got the placement right on the first try. Also, I know this picture of the process looks like the proceedings of a lunatic, and maybe it is, but this strategy worked for us! DIY Gallery Wall via Imperfect Chevron
  3. We got out the level and started hanging our pictures, one by one. We used really little nails to hang most of the pictures, and some of that sticky reusable putty to keep the pictures flat on the wall. This step by far takes the most time, because if one picture isn’t perfectly straight your whole wall will look off. But it’s worth the time! And the finished product looks incredible.

DIY Gallery Wall via Imperfect Chevron

We love our little gallery wall, and we’re starting to design and hang another one in the family room, as well. This just adds such a powerful statement to your wall, and ties all of your furniture together into a warm and inviting space. Would you try hanging a gallery wall?


Challenge: Coffee Table Essentials

You guys probably know by now that I have big home decor dreams, and I swoon over the idea of decorating my own place someday. So when I came across the Coffee Table Essentials Challenge from Chairish, I decided to take part! Creating a style board for home decor? Heck yes, I’m in. All opinions in this post are my own.

Coffee Table Essentials via Imperfect Chevron

I’m all about that base

Picking a coffee table from Chairish was pretty painless. I quickly felt attached to this 1960’s Danish teak coffee table–I love the retro feel of the smooth cutouts. Plus, I loved that it had some room underneath for storage; I believe that space shouldn’t be wasted and every piece of furniture should really work for your home.

Top of the World 

I hate cluttered spaces, so I’d add a pop of color and functionality with this funky orange Lacquer Tray. It would be great for corraling a few odds and ends–T.V. remote, coffee table books or magazines, chapstick, etc. It’d also make a great spot to store these adorable yellow coasters, which are essential for keeping your table in great shape. I also love fresh flowers, especially pink peonies, and having a modern and unique vase would add a nice touch.

Bonus Space

Like I said before, I love the way this coffee table has room for storage. I’d use 2 metal baskets or boxes that slide under the tabletop to store all of the odds and ends that don’t need to clutter the table every day. I like that these two baskets are very different styles, but would mix well together.

Ok, so that was pretty fun! I like knowing I can style a space for function and aesthetic–it feels good to have ideas for this kind of stuff. Someday, when I graduate and find a job and get my own little place, I know I’ll be able to curate a cozy and practical coffee table space. Pretty cool. (:


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Chairish. All opinions are my own.

Home Obsession: Container Homes

You guys, this post today is super exciting for me to write. I’ve always loved dreaming about what my future home might look like, creating Pinterest boards of all the lovely mid-century modern style that totally gives me all the feels…in short, home design inspires me. And in the past couple of years, I’ve unearthed my obsession (and to be honest, my dream) with shipping container homes. This post is like my love letter to shipping container homes, and it is one of my biggest dreams to design and build one of these beauties some day (is that super unrealistic? Probably, but it’s still on my list. A girl’s gotta dream, right?).

I could go on gushing about container homes forever, but I’d rather share some of my favorite pictures and designs with you. All of these are featured on my Pinterest board, Shipping Container Homes, which is my little collection of hopes and dreams. Click the pictures for sources!

Shipping container home:

Love the orange containers, big windows, and staggered containers.

wood siding:

Amazing 2500 sq ft container home:

the family who designed and built it has a great blog with lots of pictures!

shipping containter homes via Imperfect Chevron


shipping container homes via Imperfect Chevron

The appeal of shipping container homes, for me, is being able to reuse something old and ugly and turning it into something beautiful. I love that you can be really creative and design something that is functional for your family, and uses the land well to save on energy. Plus, I want to spend my time outdoors or traveling, so designing a home that is just the right amount of space really speaks to me.

I know that this dream is really lofty and probably a little unrealistic, but I think it’s good to have goals and dreams. What do you guys think, would you ever live in a shipping container home?



Holiday Peeks

Since 3/4 of my family are leaving for a big road trip on Christmas, my family decided to decorate the house in “minimalistic” fashion this year. Here are some peeks at some of the decorations up in our house this December:


My great-uncle carved this wooden Santa for my mom a few years back.


Our family + pets’ stockings


A ceramic musical Frosty


Little animal figurines from New Mexico on the mantle.


Even the house plant has lights!


Pillow Party

Pillows can add something really special to a room, and I think it’s probably one of the easiest ways to revamp an old space. My favorite way to style pillows is an eclectic mix of prints and different colors; for some reason it just works. Today, I’m sharing a few of the drool-worthy pillows I’m dreaming of.

black and white words

Black + White Pillows via Imperfect Chevron
One / Two / Three / Four

Black + White is always an easy and classic way to make a big impact. They’re bold, pretty, and would mix well with colors.

colorful words

Colorful Pillows via Imperfect ChevronOne / Two / Three / Four

Any of these gorgeous, brightly colored pillows would make a statement. What a great way to perk up your whole room!

quirky prints words

Quirky Printed Pillows via Imperfect Chevron
One / Two / Three / Four / Five

I love me a good print, and the “quirkier” the better. Dare to be different!

pillow talk words

Pillows that Talk via Imperfect Chevron
One / Two / Three / Four

These pillows with little phrases are punchy and fun, how about that “OMG” one? I need that pillow in my life.

Which pillows are your favorite? I like the idea of mixing pillows from all of these categories together in one space to create a unique and fun look.


Home Décor Dreams

As a grad student, I’m still pretty far from having “my own place” that I can decorate and tailor the way I want to. I’ll probably be renting for what feels like the rest of eternity, so even when I do have “my own place” to call home, I won’t be able to make a whole lot of changes. But it’s still so much fun to dream of that elusive place — I have at least 3 Pinterest boards dedicated to home décor ideas, and I can’t wait to be able to use them one day.

But for now, I’m stuck dreaming. I thought it might be fun to share some of the home décor looks I’ve been drooling over with you! Click through the pictures to find the source.

1. Pops of color — I love the modern style, but sometimes it just feels too stark. I love bright, bold colors, and I think a little goes a long way.

YellowMagenta dresser


2. Fun prints — I know they’re a little crazy, but how much fun would it be to have one of these in a small space?

wallpaper.black and white striped wall

Easy and cheap! Make a statement wall with paint pens (click through for tutorial)Wallpaper

Wall color. ObsessedCute table

3. Wood Walls — I love the way a wood accent wall cozies up a modern room. So pretty!

Small Home ~ Pearls & Cowboy BootsWood

Bedroom loftWood panel wall

These are only a few of my favorite home trends, and I’ll absolutely share more with you all soon! What are your decorating dreams?