Holiday Cheer: Decor Inspirations

First things first: I love decorating for the holidays. It’s one of my favorite holiday activities, and I always feel so happy to see little decorations all over the house. It helps me get through the start of winter. I’m not decorating my house in Pittsburgh for the holidays, since I’m flying back home to Colorado in a couple of days (!!!), but I’m hoping to help decorate my parents house when I get back home.

I’ve been looking for lots of decor inspirations this season, and today I want to share some of my favorite ideas. Fair warning: I love non-traditional, modern, and quirky decor.

Holiday Decor Inspirations:

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Noel door banner DIY (click through for tutorial)         BranchesPretty door

Holiday Wreath - Christmas, Pine, Berries and Pinecones Wreath for your Front Door DecorFelt woodland creatureschristmas

toilet paper tubes into owlsgarland in doorframe

What decorations are you dreaming of this season? I’m so excited to put on some holiday music, bring out the fuzzy socks, and get some decorating done back home. Tis’ the season!


Love these Links

As I get closer to Finals week, I’m finding myself antsy to finish up my undergraduate career and move across the country to start grad school. It’s all coming up so fast, and I am getting so excited about it! Here are some Links to Love this week.

1. 25 Fresh Squeezed Cocktails via A Beautiful Mess

. Cinnamon mai tai

2. 16 Things You Can Turn into Pesto

3. 19 Summer Indies to Watch When You’re Tired of Blockbusters

4. The wisest advice these 11 highly successful people have received


5. Which Fashion Decade Do You Belong In?



Love These Links

This week has been very cold and windy here, and I’m getting a little bit stir crazy. I was supposed to go skiing today, but the 40 mph winds (with gusts up to 70 mph) were kind of a turn-off. Hopefully your week hasn’t been so disappointing, but if it has, here are some links that are bound to cheer you up:

1. Voodoo Doughnut. I’m obsessed with this doughnut shop from Oregon. They just opened a shop in Denver, and I’m going to have to get down there soon to check them out! They have tons of unique donuts, and look at this cute Voodoo-Doll Doughnut:


2. These beautiful DIY Kate Spade coasters from Classically Coco. They’re definitely next on my DIY list.

kate spade coasters







3. In this Huffington Post article, Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew shared some gorgeous photos from the set of Star Wars.

star wars






4. The Office was one of my favorite television shows (always will be, of course), so this Buzzfeed list of The 25 Best Michael Scott Quotes made me a happy, nostalgic girl. I miss that show!

michael scott





5. If you don’t know Pusheen, you probably definitely should. Especially if you love cats. And own cats. You’ll relate.










6. Somehow, I hadn’t seen this amazing Jimmy Fallon skit spinoff of Downton Abbey until just this week. “Downton Sixbey” is good for a few laughs–plus, it’s a series of several episodes. Check it out!

downton sixbey

Happy weekend!