You guys, this day is very special and important. Today is our dog Ben’s birthday, and he’s 14 years old! Can you even believe it? I wanted to post some pictures and tell you all a little about this very special dog, in honor of his birthday today. And just so you know, we’re planning a great little shindig this weekend with our family for him (cake and presents included, because dogs are people too!). If there’s one thing Ben loves, it’s a good party.

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

My family adopted Ben when he was about 10 months old (so the shelter told us, and we think that was pretty accurate). At the shelter, we were walking up and down the aisles looking for the perfect new addition to our family, and there was this one dog who was sticking his paw out of the cage. My dad (and subsequently, all of us) fell hard for him, and we brought him home and he’s been a critical part of our family ever since. He had cancer several years ago, and our vet told us last year that he’s got active cancer now, so we’re not expecting a whole lot more time with him, but we’re ever so grateful for the time we have. He’s so special to us!

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

Ben loves Christmas, you actually have to watch him like a hawk with any presents under the tree because he starts ripping into them. He loves opening presents.

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

He loves snow: playing in it, laying in it, catching snowballs…

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

he’s really good at the doggy-emoji face…

Life Update via Imperfect Chevron

like, really good at it.

He’s also great at taking naps.

His favorite toys are stuffed animals and tennis balls.

He’s also an excellent beggar (and now that he’s old we pretty much give him MOST of what he wants, unless it’ll make him sick).

Dog Birthday via Imperfect Chevron

Happy Birthday, Ben! We love you so much.


An Angry Kitty and White Elephant

We had a couple of inches of snow overnight! My cat thought it would be a good idea for her to get out there in the 18 degree weather! and I snapped this photo of her begging to go out. I caught her mid-meow, and I just had to share her angry face!


My mom and I went to a wonderful white elephant regifting party last night. It was a fun girls night out, we ate tasty appetizers and little desserts (think mini cupcakes), and laughed about all of the bad gifts people had received. One of the gifts was a slimming belt–can you imagine getting that for Christmas?

Anyway, it’s time to start hitting the gym and cutting back on all of the cookies and chocolates lying around our house. Happy (almost) new year!