My Beach Bag Essentials

It’s safe to say that I’ve been loving my time in Florida so far. Almost every weekend so far I’ve gone to the beach, sitting in the sand and enjoying the sunshine. Even if it’s cold, I’m pretty much always at the beach.

Beach Bag Essentials via Imperfect Chevron

Do you ever feel like you forget something when you go to the beach? I definitely have had my share of those moments–you get all the way there and realize you’ve left your towel at home. Face palm.

The last couple weeks, I’ve gotten better at packing all my essential beach day items. Today I’m sharing what’s in my beach bag:

Beach Bag Essentials via Imperfect Chevron

  1. Sunscreen – as much as I love sitting in the sun, I also know how important it is to protect my skin from burns and UV rays. SPF 30 works pretty well when I’m looking to get a little tan, and SPF 50 is what I reach for if I’m going to be out all day.
  2. Comfy flip-flops – I love Sanuk flip-flops. They’re so soft and comfy.
  3. Headphones – A perfect day at the beach includes listening to music. Right now I’m loving Cage the Elephant and Florence and the Machine (as always).
  4. Snacks – Even when I bring lunch, I like to pack a few snacks in my beach bag. I like granola bars because they keep me full, and the Oats N Honey crunchy type is my favorite.
  5. Chapstick – Baby Lips Dr. Rescue medicated chapstick in Coral Crave is the best.
  6. Sunglasses – These Urban Outfitters Emma sunglasses are everything. They have a great shape, and I love the oversized frames.

Beach Bag Essentials via Imperfect Chevron

So there you have it, my beach bag essentials! Not pictured, some other things I always bring with me: extra clothes for warmth, lots of water, and my phone for taking loads of pictures.