Closet Crush: Summer Wardrobe

I’ve had major shopping withdrawals the last few weeks. All I want to do in my spare time is online shop (very dangerous habit). Somehow I’ve been able to hold off so far, but I’m excited to get shopping after my Finals are over this week. There are some really great summer trends this year that I can’t wait to get my hands on! Here are some of the trends I’ll be looking for this year (click the pictures for the links!):

1. Matching Sets — Taylor Swift might just be the master of matching sets (I think she’s on to something!). This trend has been going around for a couple of years now, and I love it so much. It’s playful, pretty, and unique. Bonus points for a matching set with shorts, rather than a skirt.


2. Crop Midi — My friends joke (lovingly) that I’m a grandma trapped in a 20-something’s body, so crop tops don’t exactly fit into that picture. But I think there’s a way to do a crop in a way that shows just the teensiest of skin (or no skin at all!!) that isn’t too cringe-worthy. I call them “crop midi’s” because they fall below the ribs and above the belly button — perfect length for a high-waisted skirt!

3. Feminine Tomboy — I’ve really developed my personal style this year, and I’ve ended up with a very feminine tomboy type of look that essentially consists of colorful blouses, boyfriend jeans, and my navy utility jacket. I’m in love with my boyfriend jeans, and I hope to invest in a couple more good pairs this summer since they’ve become a closet staple.

Little Blonde Book by Taylor Morgan | A Life and Style Blog : Broken in boyfriendsFlower bomber jacket paired with cropped jeans

4. Birkenstocks — Okay, I’ve been known to laugh at this brand in the past, but they’ve come out with some really pretty styles this year (read: pretty colors that aren’t quite as “hippie” feeling). I’ve noticed a lot of my favorite bloggers wearing them this year, and I can’t help but want to take home a pair for myself. They look amazingly comfortable, which is really important for me (all of those years of ballet and pointe really do a number on your feet!).

Birkenstock Soft Footbed Tea Rose Nubuck  ArizonaBirkenstock Soft Footbed Red Nubuck  GizehBirkenstock Soft Footbed Summer Breeze Nubuck  Arizona

Anyway, those are some of the trends on my shopping list for this summer. What’s on your list?