Life Update (AKA Back to School)

Hi friends! I wanted to give you all a quick life update, because I have this overwhelming feeling that I probably won’t be able to post as much as I’d like to on this blog for a little while. Don’t fret–I still have big plans to continue this space with creative spells and little inspirations–but a little thing called “college” requires my full attention for a little while. I started back to school after my winter break this week, and with a full credit load, a job, and all of the studying that my science-y major requires, I’m not going to be able to post all the time here.

Exciting things are coming my way: I’m graduating from college in May, and in the next couple of months I will know where I’m going for graduate school (so I can start to make plans for my living arrangements for the fall, yikes!). I can’t wait to graduate, and I can’t wait to put some more time into this blog.

I’m writing this post to let everyone know that Imperfect Chevron isn’t going away, but it might be taking a quick hiatus to keep working on my studies. I promise, I will keep sharing some inspiration and hopefully some crafty moments with all of you. Thanks for reading, check back soon. (:

XO Kelly