My Halloween Costume

I know, it’s November 1st and you’re probably totally over Halloween…but I wanted to share my costume with you all! I loved this costume so much, and I felt really proud of it because I actually got my act together this year to decide what I wanted to be and then pull it all together. And the best part is I got all of the pieces at the thrift store, and created my costume out of it! Halloween is just the best.

Halloween Costume via Imperfect Chevron

Halloween Costume via Imperfect Chevron

I have always wanted to be a skunk for Halloween. Dreams really do come true!

Halloween Costume via Imperfect Chevron


Happy Halloween! 

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’ve been keeping it pretty low key the last couple years (grad school really puts a damper on having money and time to put together a costume, much less go out). I dressed up with some of my classmates on Friday, and a couple of my friends and I enjoyed happy hour at a piano bar–so fun! I dressed up as Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, complete with a “Bowling Comment” binder. I hope your holiday is wonderful! 

My class is amazing. Love them so!