Summer Forever: How to Make it Last

The word “summer” holds a lot of power; when I hear the word it almost invokes a dreamlike state, untangles magical childhood memories and floods me with an instant of pure, untainted happiness. I spend most of the winter daydreaming about it, find myself invigorated with a new breath of life every time June rolls around. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s just something special about summer.

And this time of year is always bittersweet; while I’m always looking forward to the crispness and refreshing air of fall (and of course the BEST fashion), I’m always a little sad that summer is slipping away. The freedom and happiness and long days of summer are something I really cherish, and it’s hard to let go of that every year!

So today I’m sharing a few tips for making the feelings of the season last a little longer. They’re all simple little ideas that I think will help me ease into fall happily!

Summer Forever: How to Make it Last

  1. Microwave S’mores: one of the essential summer activities is lounging around the campfire and making s’mores (whether it’s at a campsite or in your own backyard), and I’m happy to report you don’t have to give up all of that chocolate-graham crackery-goodness just yet! I find that microwave s’mores are pretty satisfying, easy, and quick. I just microwave a marshmallow on top of a graham cracker for 10 seconds on low power, just until it expands and gets warm and gooey. Then I arrange some chocolate on top (chocolate chips, Hershey bars, or fancy flavored chocolate all work great) and devour.Make Summer Last via Imperfect Chevron
  2. Bring the plants in: plants just add a fresh and warm feel to your space, so as the summer slows down bring a couple indoors to add a little summer to your house. You could also plant a little windowsill herb garden inside.
  3. Keep the iced coffee flowing: I like my coffee hot in the mornings, but in the summer I like to take my afternoon coffee break with a nice cold iced coffee in my hand. To make sure I always have iced coffee on hand, I fill up these little glass containers (which were full of Kombucha at one point, yay for reusing stuff!) with leftover coffee from the morning pot. I like iced coffee plain with a splash of almond milk, but you can customize your cup however you prefer.Make Summer Last via Imperfect Chevron
  4. Make use of your summer garden: use that extra basil to whip up some fresh pesto for your pasta, sew a few lavender sachets for your shoes, or make a pretty bouquet for your table with those late summer blooms. Another solution if you don’t have a green thumb? Buy some pretty flowers from the grocery store or farm market!

If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer yet, try some of these ideas! I’d love to hear some of your ideas, too, because I am so not ready for summer to be over.