All About Eyebrows

My eyebrows and I have kind of a rough history. I was always “well-endowed” in the eyebrow department, meaning they have always been thick, dark, and long. I even sported a (very subtle) uni-brow back in the 6th grade before I started tweezing them. But the hairs were still long and unruly, and they didn’t fit into a neat eyebrow shape. Plus, I was always self-conscious that they were so dark when I had such blond hair. It was a weird time.

I like to think that I’ve gotten a little better at managing my brows, and in the last year I actually started to fill them in to help them be a little more unified. I love the full brow look (hello, Cara Delvingne!) and I’m pretty glad that I have a lot of eyebrow to start with, but I’ve found that taking care of them really works for me. It makes my eyes pop, and it’s such an easy part of my makeup routine.



This picture isn’t the best, and it is kind of hard to tell, but the “before eyebrow” is this kind of weird ashy-brown color. There are spots that are a little bit bare, and the hairs have a mind of their own and refuse to conform into any type of shape. After filling my eyebrows in with a brow powder, I use a little brow comb to blend the color and shape them. Then, I use a clear brow gel to set my brows in place.


They aren’t necessarily perfect, but I’m pretty happy with the way they look. It takes all of 2 minutes (or less!) in the morning, and I feel like they make a really big impact. If I was running horribly late and didn’t have time to put on makeup, I’d probably still quickly fill in my brows. They somehow just bring the whole look together.

I’m still a newbie incorporating my eyebrows into my makeup routine, so I’d love to hear what products you use. I’ve really liked the brow powder, but I know some people prefer pencils.