Tahoe Weekend Fun

It’s been a while since this Tahoe trip (it’s a little ridiculous how behind I am, this trip was in February you guys), but I wanted to share a few pictures of the weekend with you all!

Living in the SF Bay Area, we’re about 4-6 hours away from Lake Tahoe, which is definitely doable for a weekend getaway. In February, a few of my friends rented a little Airbnb cabin up at the Lake and spent a short weekend lounging in the mountains. I didn’t ski while I was there, which hurt my Colorado ski pride just a lil bit┬ábut the trip was planned last minute and I don’t have any of my gear out here. Like, I don’t even have a winter coat. But it was still a really fun trip!

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

The cabin was right across the street from the lake, and the weather was really nice while we were there. There actually wasn’t much snow up there, which was kind of nice because we could walk around and not need snow boots or heavy jackets.

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

LOL look at this ski slope, you guys. When you’re from Colorado, and you see a slope like this…yikes. This was just one of the small ski slopes in Tahoe, I hear the big ones are actually really nice! I want to go up and ski at Tahoe next year, it’s been way too long!

Tahoe Weekend // Imperfect Chevron

I wanted to post some videos of the cabin and some of the food we ate (the best BLT sandwich EVER, you guys!) but WordPress wouldn’t let me. Sorry there’s so few pictures of the trip. I’m hoping to go back over the summer and see more of Tahoe, especially that gorgeous blue lake!


Friend Dates: Flowers and Thai Food

Today was the last day of classes for our Spring Semester (Finals are next week, lots of studying this weekend!) and we got out of class a little early, so I made plans with a couple friends to celebrate! It felt like we earned a little bit of a study break. So after our class ended, we headed over to Phipps Conservatory to walk through the gardens. Phipps is just always the best place to go. It’s so rejuvenating.


A gorgeous tree blooming outside Phipps

Playing around in this cute palm-frond hut (meant for children)

Playing around in this cute palm-frond hut (meant for children)

What a great break from the hustle-bustle of the semester! After Phipps, we headed over to Shadyside and had some killer Thai food at Noodlehead (I would highly recommend it!). Their menu is short but they have obviously perfected each dish. I tried the Pad Thai, which was incredible, and I can’t wait to go back and try some of their other dishes. Amazing.

It was a great outing, and I loved spending some time with my friends outside of school. It feels like we get so busy sometimes that I only get to see them when we’re at school, and it was really nice to get away from all of that and just have some fun.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you all have the best weekend, spent with family or friends (or your favorite ice cream, that would be great, too!).

I have a lot of homework and group projects to get done this weekend, and I’m going to try to catch up on sleep. Last week was a doozy, and I kind of felt like a chicken running around without my head. So I’m hoping to just have a relaxing, catch-up-on-life, kind of weekend.


Happy Weekend

Now that the second week of the semester is over, school is starting to pick up serious momentum and I can tell I’m going to get busier every day. So this weekend, I’m making it a point to spend some of my lingering free time doing things I want to do. Some of the things on my list include painting, trying to take a walk in the park, and getting lots of relaxation time.

Last night, I had some friends over for dinner and cards against humanity. My friend made homemade pho (it was amazing, you guys!) and I made some spring rolls, and we had a really fun night! Here are some pictures of the dinner:

Pho 1

The pho boiling on the stove. My house smells so good still! Lots of spices and herbs.

Pho 2

Pho. So good.

Pho 3

My little spring rolls with peanut sauce.

We had a great night! Pho is one of my favorite foods, and Pittsburgh doesn’t seem to have many good spots for pho, so it was really nice of my friend to make some for us. I wish I could have pho every time I get sick–it has the best healing taste. Hope you have a great weekend!


Personal Pizza Party

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

Since I wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving this year, I invited a couple of my friends over (they also were stuck in Pittsburgh for the holiday). None of us are big turkey eaters, and rather than spending a lot of time and money preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the three of us, I decided to have a “Make-Your-Own Pizza Bar.”

It was a really fun time! I prepped the dough to rise before my friends came over, and when they arrived each of us formed our little pizzas. One of my friends made her pizza into a little rectangle, which I thought was pretty clever! We baked the dough for a few minutes before adding sauce + toppings, and popped them back in the oven to bake while we watched all of the “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes.

Here’s the set-up:


We had marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, mushrooms, ham slices, canned pineapple, and turkey pepperoni on the table, and it worked out great because everybody could take as much (or as little!) of any ingredients that they wanted. I appreciate that, being lactose intolerant, because I can sprinkle less cheese on and not disappoint my fellow dinner-mates.


Our pretty little pizzas, all lined up in a row, ready to bake!

IMG_1562 IMG_1568

My pizza, before and after baking (sorry the after shot is so dark, we got really hungry and I almost forgot to take a picture before demolishing it!).

If you’re having a little dinner party and aren’t sure what to make, I would recommend having a little personal pizza party! The setup is really easy, and everyone can personalize their own meal. Invite guests to bring their own toppings to share with the rest of the group — you might get some pretty fun combinations that you hadn’t expected!

Lastly, a little personal note: this week has been a really tough week for me. As a grad student, we get 3 days off from school for Thanksgiving break, and almost everyone in my class went home to spend the time off with family. I’ve been struggling with being homesick for a while, and it’s been pretty hard scrolling through my Facebook feed seeing so many people home with their families. I’m not going to lie to you, I had a couple several meltdowns this week. I’ve felt myself getting a little bit jealous and upset that everyone else was at home, while I was stuck in PA. It’s been an emotionally taxing week. But having my friends over for Thanksgiving was a really nice way to distract myself and have some fun, and I’m so glad that I had them to spend the holiday with. I’m counting down the days until I’m back in Colorado for winter break – only 16 days to go!