Picks from Pinterest: Summer School

If you’ve been following along this little blog, you probably remember that I’m in summer school right now. I graduated from college mid-may, and started graduate school about 2 weeks later (which required a move cross-country!). School is pretty tough, but it’s keeping me busy–a definite plus since I’m pretty sure I’d be homesick if I had time to think about it! Here are some of my recent Pinterest Picks.

1. This adorable DIY citrus wedge coin purse

Citrus Wedge Coin Purse - Delia Creates

2. 7 Non-toxic plants that are safe for kids and pets

7 non-toxic plants that are safe for kids and pets!

3. How-To “Faux Calligraphy” from Cupcakes & Cashmere

Faux Calligraphy - Cupcakes and Cashmere

4. This men’s shorts guide could prove to be very helpful this summer!

Yessss. Men's shorts guide.

5. This pine tree garland would make a fun and festive decoration for any season

Hanging trees

I’m obviously dreaming of sewing, crafting, and creating. If only I’d been able to bring my sewing machine to Pennsylvania with me! It’s probably for the best, since I’d procrastinate studying for anatomy by sewing up a storm. *Sigh*


DIY Felt Garland

I am absolutely in love with garland and buntings. I guess it’s just one of those things, but every time I see a bunting my crafting heart is bursting. One day this fall I was in my favorite thrift shop and one of the vendors had a beautiful circle felt garland in her booth. I gushed over it, and couldn’t stop thinking about it! So recently, I decided to create my own felt garland. But instead of just doing felt circles, I wanted to use felt animal shapes! And it turned out amazing! I ended up crafting 3 different garlands. Here’s how I did it.

DIY Felt Animal Garland

What You’ll Need:
1. Felt. I bought a package of assorted colors in the 8×11 size, but you can buy felt by the yard, too!
2. Cookie cutters. I used a circle shape, as well as animals–I used a bear, a hippo, a rhino, a kangaroo, a cat and dog, and an elephant. If you’re really artsy, you don’t been need cookie cutters: just draw your own shape! I wanted all of my animals to be the same, so I opted for cookie cutters.
3. A sewing machine. To string all of your shapes together, of course!

Let’s Get Started:
1. Pick a pattern of colors and shapes that you want to use. For my cats and dogs garland, I used 5 colors. My shape order was: circle, dog, circle, cat, circle, etc.

2. Trace and cut out your felt shapes, one by one. I used pen, because I couldn’t see the shape well enough with pencil. I used fabric scissors to cut out the shapes one by one.


As you trace and cut each shape, start stacking them in order. When you start sewing, it’ll be very helpful to have your garland organized the way you want it!


Cut out enough shapes to make the garland long enough to hang. My cats and dogs garland has 30 cut outs and is about 4-5 feet long.

3. Sew! I didn’t pin my garland together because it gets out of control pretty fast. So basically, I fed one piece through the machine, lined up the next shape, and then sewed it on. I would recommend backstitching each new piece, to keep your garland from ripping.
And, there you go! Your garland should look something like this:


So pretty, right? You can hang these on the wall, on your mantle, or anywhere else! Here’s where I hung my garlands:




I hope these felt garlands make it onto your crafting list; they’re easy to do and so beautiful to look at. They can really spruce up a room! Happy sewing!