Little Beauty Gifts

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I love giving gifts. It’s kind of like a sport to me, and I’m thinking about gifts for specific people all year round. I just get so excited to give the recipient the special thing that I picked out for them! As a kid, I remember accidentally blurting out the surprise to my dad on at least 2 occasions. And I still actually have to be really careful not to accidentally tell the person what I got them, even as a 25 year old. I almost always ruin it somehow, just from pure excitement.

As much as I love giving gifts, I do find that some people are challenging to come up with good ideas for. I find myself searching for the perfect gift, and often feeling like I’m coming up short. Today, I’m sharing a quick round-up of little beauty/makeup gifts that would make great gifts for friends, coworkers, or family members that love beauty products!

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

CANMAKE Cream Cheek Blush in Coral Orange: I love this adorable cream blush. It’s made in Japan and I had to wait about a month to get it after ordering (totally worth it, by the way!). But this stuff is amazing. It gives my cheeks that dewy fresh pop of blush, and lasts several hours before fading. Plus, it comes in the most adorable little compact, and is little enough you could stash it in your purse for later.

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary – a finishing spray that sets your makeup with SPF 50? Sign me up. This little beauty product is great for your golden goddesses that are happiest in the sun, but don’t want to expose their skin to UV rays. Plus, the scent is refreshing. And you can just toss it in your bag or purse for the day and head out the door!

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

The Beauty Crop – Fabulous Flocking Lashes Waterproof Mascara: most waterproof mascara that I’ve ever come into contact with hasn’t been all that waterproof, but this product really works well for me! I’ve swam in the ocean (and had a total Moana moment, when she tips the boat over and gets slammed by waves over and over) and this mascara stayed put all day. Plus, it’s really easy to remove with eye makeup remover at the end of the day so I don’t have to scrub my eyes so hard. And it’s a pink tube with flamingo print!

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

Pacifica Solid Perfume – this little solid perfume is small enough to throw in your bag without worrying about it getting crushed or weighing you down. They’ve got lots of pretty scents (I have the Tahitian Gardenia scent), none of which are overbearing or strong. Plus, the packaging is simple but cute, which is honestly important when it comes to makeup. I think it’d make a great gift for anyone (pre-teens, teens, or adults).

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

NYX Born To Glow – Liquid Illuminator: it’s no secret I love this liquid illuminator, I’ve been using it for a couple years to give my skin that natural glow you get after a yoga class. I use the Sunbeam color because it gives my fair skin a nice glow. It lasts forever, too!             Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

Almay Pen Eyeliner in Navy: blue eyeliner has been a big trend in beauty this year, and I can see why. Navy blue adds a subtle pop of color without seeming too overdone or exaggerated. Who wouldn’t appreciate a fun eyeliner for those days when you need something to wake you up and get you going? *Ahem, Mondays*

Little Beauty Gifts // ImperfectChevron

Just a few special things to treat all the amazing people in your life! I’d honestly love to receive any of these fun little beauty products, and I think most of my friends would, too. Happy gifting!



Gifting: Gifts in Jars

Gifts in mason jars has gained popularity over the past couple of years, and there are a lot of great ideas for how to fill up those jars! I think these gifts make wonderful little gifts for neighbors, friends, coworkers, or extended family members. It’s a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them, and today I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas for how to fill up those jars.

But first, let’s talk about where to get the jars. It’s true, you can buy mason jars at pretty much any craft store. But they’re expensive, and I kind of think that’s a little wasteful. I like to save jars periodically through the year from various food items — spaghetti sauce jars, salsa jars, pickle jars, etc. I wash them out really well, get the labels off (which is a total pain in the butt, I’m not going to lie about that), and then put them away for later. You never know when you might need a jar! If you don’t have any jars that you’re able to recycle, hit up your local thrift store. They usually have tons of mason jars of all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you’re helping to reduce waste. Go, you!

Now, here are some of the great gift ideas for mason jars:

1. Sewing Kits

2. Soup in a Jar

Hearty Bean Soup Mix

3. Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberry Whit Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar - Gift Idea

4. Tea Set

Tea time mason jar

5. Banana Bread Mix

Make A Banana Bread Mix Gift Jar

6. Winter Survival Kit

Winter Survival Kit Gift in a Jar

7. Christmas Shave

Cleans Up Well Pampering Jar For Men

8. Christmas is Going to the Dogs

Hand Baked Dog Biscuits In Storage Jar

9. BBQ rub

Pork Rub in a Jar Cincy Shopper

10. Terrarium in a jar

Terrarium in a Jar

There are so many more ideas, and I’m sure you could come up with your own pretty easily! Other ideas could be a drawing kit filled with colored pencils and other supplies, any type of baking mix, or even a housewarming jar filled with little essentials.

Have you ever given (or received) a mason jar gift? I’d love to hear all about it!


Great Gifts for Guys

Sorry for the big lapse in posts–I know I promised I’d do some holiday gift round-ups, and I am fulfilling that promise! It’s been pretty busy with Finals this week, and since my last exam is tomorrow, I am resuming my holiday gift guides.

The post today is all about the guys. I think men can be some of the hardest people to shop for, and I ultimately think you need to know the person to get them the best gift. For instance, some guys are really into Star Wars, while others might be sports fanatics, and others might be really into reading. You kind of have to know your audience to start thinking of some ideas. So this gift guide is definitely not all-inclusive, it’s just a sort of “jumping-off” point. It’s some of the things I would love to give to the men in my life (my brother and dad, don’t get too excited). So here goes!

Great Gifts for Guys

1. A fun mug — I might pair this with a little bag of quality coffee.

Star Wars mug

2. A mustache pillow — I love making gifts for people, and this is a less-girly version of a pillow that would make a great gift.

Handmade Moustache Holiday Pillow

3. A guitar pick punch — This would be a cool gift for the guitar player in your life. They’ll never worry about losing picks, if they can just make them with old credit cards or other plastics!

Pick Punch - The Original Guitar Pick Punch

4. A DIY laptop sleeve — I love this idea. An easy (and quick!) DIY gift.


5. A tripod camping stool — I know my dad would love this for fishing. It’s lightweight and while I bet it would get uncomfortable after a while, it would be nice to have so you don’t have to sit on the ground.

Again, it’s a short list. I hope it gives you some ideas to make your list! If you have any suggestions on good gifts for gentlemen, I would love to hear them. I have the hardest time shopping for my brother and dad every year!


Gifting: Fun DIY Gift Ideas

For the second post in this little Gifting mini-series (you can read the first post here), I’ve rounded up a few DIY gift ideas that I would actually love to receive! Some of them are pretty creative, and just a little bit quirky.

Fun DIY Gift Ideas

1. Upcycled Plastic Toy Planter

2. These sweet DIY hand-warmers look easy to do (and easy on the eyes, too!)


3. Embroidered gloves

Embroidered Gloves

4. I want one of these little felt owl coin purses!

50+ DIY Gifts Under $2

5. In love with these colorful tile coasters


There you go – 5 more DIY gift ideas! I’d love to hear what you’re making (or buying!) for the holidays this year.

Stay tuned throughout the season to get more gift ideas!


Gifting: 5 Amazing Sewing Gifts

If you’re anything like me, you think about gift ideas year round (for birthdays, holidays, etc.). Sometimes you just get this crazy good idea for a gift for a specific person, and it’s really fun to make it happen! My problem is that I get so excited, that I have a really hard time keeping the gift a secret–I just want to give it to the person so badly! As a kid, I remember talking to my dad and blurting out (accidentally, of course) what we’d gotten him at the store for Christmas. My mom was so mad! In the end, it all worked out–my dad pretended that I hadn’t ruined the secret, and my mom still reminds me every year not to tell. Even though I’m 22, I still get really excited and I have to be really conscious about what I’m saying around the holidays.

I’m starting this little mini-series called “Gifting” to round up some of my favorite ideas for giving gifts. I’ll try to do as many as I can before the holidays (no promises, this time of year is pretty busy with school!).

Today’s “Gifting” theme is gifts that you can sew for people. I personally love sewing Christmas gifts, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to do that for my friends this year since my sewing machine is a few states away. In the past, I’ve sewn some cute little drawstring bags for my friends, some pretty decorative pillows, and a paintbrush scroll, and I’ve loved creating a unique gift for each person. Here are some ideas I think would make great gifts this season (or anytime!):

1. Animal Tote Bag – this one is from ASOS, but would be easy to replicate with any animal you choose!

Lazy Cat Bag

2. These dog silhouette pillows would be fun to personalize, and they would make a really special gift!

Dog Sillouette Pillows

3. I made some reusable produce bags last year and absolutely love them, so I think they’d make great gifts. Plus, they’re easy to make a lot of them at once!

Reusable produce bags

4. These little cosmetic bags would make great gifts for your girlfriends (or pencil bags for anybody!).

DIY cosmetic bag

5. How adorable are these little bear bags? I think they’d make a fun gift for any age, but it would be fun to make them for kiddos that you know!

bear bags

Those are some of my favorite ideas for sewing gifts – I hope to share some more fun gift ideas soon! Are you making any DIY gifts for the holidays this year? I’d love to hear about them.