2017 Goals

I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions. The word “resolution” just has this negative connotation to it, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me… So, I don’t make resolutions. BUT as you all probably know, I do love to make goals, and there’s something refreshing and inspiring about a brand new year. Starting another year always pushes me to reflect on how my life is going on a day-to-day basis, and I like to make little goals for myself. I’m always pushing myself towards positivity and finding happiness in every day, and I’m ready for the new opportunities and challenges 2017 has to offer.

2017 Goals // Imperfect Chevron

Here are my goals for this fresh new year:

  1. Send more birthday cards: I always love receiving mail, and I know how special it makes me feel when I get a birthday card from a friend or family member. I really want to send my friends lovely little handmade birthday notes this year! It’s a simple but very meaningful way to tell the people I love how special they are!
  2. Spend more free time “hobbying:” with grad school taking up most of my time for the last couple of years, I really want to make my hobbies more of a priority again. I’ve missed sewing and painting, I love letting my creative energy just flow.
  3. Travel to Europe: more specifically, Paris, France. I’ve never been to Europe before, but my wanderlust is so real. One of the most important things in my life is traveling, and I’m so excited to visit Paris with my family next fall. I’m trying my best to learn French!
  4. Meet friends in my new city: having just moved to the SF bay area, I don’t have any friends yet here (other than the amazing people I work with!). I really want to meet some new friends here this year, to really establish my life here.
  5. Eat at a new restaurant at least once a month: I’ve just moved to the area, and it’s got some really great restaurants. It’s such a diverse community with an amazing variety of eateries, and I’m slowly building a list of my favorites! But it’s easy for me to fall into a comfy pattern of eating at just a couple places over and over. So I want to keep myself trying new restaurants as much as possible!

So there you go, a few goals I’ve made for myself for 2017! Do you have any goals?

*Side note: I just checked my inbox and have finally sorted through all of the messages! Sorry for the long wait on those responses. I am going to get better at checking them on a regular basis, I promise!*



Breaking Bad (Habits)

This post is a bit of a personal one, and I debated back and forth a lot before I finally decided to write it. Let me start by saying that I think that each and every one of us has one or two (or several!) bad habits that we’d like to break, and while they might be a source of shame or guilt, I think sharing your goals of breaking the habit can be really empowering. Once you tell people you’re going to do something, I think you’re way more likely to stick with it. Right? Ok, so here we go.

I am a nail biter. Have been for a long time, and I think it developed as a nervous energy/anxiety habit, because every time I’m stressed or overwhelmed I notice I start to gnaw my nails to shreds. You guys, I think it’s a super gross habit and I’m really embarrassed with how junky my nails look. As someone who plans to build a career as a hand therapist, in which a lot of the job requires using your hands to manipulate and heal, this bad habit is not ideal. So I’ve decided it’s time to break the cycle.

Because my habit is fueled by anxiety and stress, I don’t think that sheer willpower alone will get me through it. In looking for solutions, someone suggested I pay for weekly manicures. I liked the idea of having a consequence to motivate me, but I’ve never had a manicure in my life (nail salons kind of creep me out, I know I’m weird) and I’m a broke grad student who can’t really afford the luxury right now. So I decided to try out some at-home gel nail polish, and create a daily log to track my success.

The Polish

Breaking Bad Habits via Imperfect Chevron

I chose this Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and topcoat because it doesn’t require an LED light to dry, it’s budget-friendly, and it had good reviews online. It was a little more expensive than nail polish I typically buy, and I realized that if my nails don’t chip right away I’d be more motivated to keep them looking good. So each week, I’m going to spend an hour on my nails. I chose a nude color polish so that my nails look clean and classic, and I didn’t want an outrageous color bringing attention to the little nubs at the end of my fingers.

I’ve also been using the app, Way of Life, to keep track of my progress. Each day, you simply open the app and log if you followed the rule for that day. It takes less than 30 seconds to log, and I like that you can look at the overall 6-week trend (when I make it to that point, it will be amazing!) as well as your weekly progress. I think it’s also helpful in that you don’t have to look at it being this huge goal, you can just take it one day at a time. It’s like, I know I can make it through one day without biting my nails. And then I just start over the next day! Sometimes you kind of have to trick your brain into it, you know?

I think I’m off to a pretty good start, I’ve made it a whole week without biting my nails! If you have any other tips or ideas, please share!


Weekly Goals

Yes, okay, I’m one of those people who loves making goals. I like to make a lot of to-do lists, and I have multiple calendars in addition to my planner. But sometimes I feel like I don’t always spend my time that well. Recently I’ve wanted to be more productive, so last week I decided to make a “weekly goals” list to keep me on track. You guys, I loved it!

This little list of goals was more than just a list of homework. I added a few things that I really wanted to get accomplished, and even a couple of things that would make me happy (like painting!). It felt really good to check things off my list, and I felt like I spent my time more productively.

Here’s a sample of what my list looked like:

weekly goals

I think the keys to making a good list of goals is to make the goals specific, and attainable. Goals should never be something that are impossible to achieve. They should be challenging, but not so hard that you can’t accomplish them.

This week, I made a few goals that were kind of silly, like taking a bubble bath, to offset some of the harder goals–like going to the gym 3 times and learning the dermatomes for neuro.

I can’t wait to make a new list of goals for next week!


Life Lately: January Dreams

Happy New Year!

I’m really excited to see what 2015 holds for me, and I hope it is filled with love, laughter, and joy for all of you readers. I don’t like to make one big New Year’s Resolution, but I do like to make lists of goals. Here are some of my goals for this January:

Goals Jan 2015

In 2015, I would like to be the kindest version of myself. I want to give compliments on a regular basis, and mean them. This year, I need to focus on taking better care of myself: diet, exercise, sleep, and play. All of those are really important! Something I struggled with last Fall was binge-watching Netflix shows–it really got in the way of me doing homework (or exercising!), and I’d like to cut down my tv hours so that I have time to do some more productive things. I’m not planning to completely stop watching Netflix, I just want to limit myself to (hopefully) weekends only! In the upcoming year, I’d also like to spend more of my free time with friends. I am starting to realize that grad school is going to be over before it even started, and I want to make sure I spend lots of time with my new friends before school ends.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for the new year?

Here are a few photos from my holiday back home–I was really sad to leave home! But coming back to Pittsburgh is also a happy thing, I get to continue my education and see all of my friends again after a long 3 weeks apart.


My cat and I — Family Portrait

mulled cider

The cutest little kit for making mulled cider — it was delicious!

new belgium girls

I toured New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins with some of my undergraduate friends.


Skiing Loveland with my dad before Christmas. Can’t beat that gorgeous mountain view.