Life Update: Summer Sun

Now that I’m back home, life is good. I’m settling into studying for my NBCOT exam, spending time with my pets, and helping my family keep up with the chores. I’ve been keeping pretty busy, and I’m really enjoying the summer (my favorite season). Last weekend was so good, you guys, my family took lots of long walks, set off some little fireworks to celebrate the fourth, and cooked a really nice meal. And this week is “birthday week” for me, and I’m getting kind of nervous about turning 24…that just sounds like a real serious age. Anyway, here are some photos from the last couple weeks around here. Hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July!

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

I painted our old porch swing this punchy orange color

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

the views at Chataqua park in Boulder are worth the killer climb to the top!

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

the lake near my house hired a goat farmer to maintain the grass this summer, and I have loved watching these goats munch along

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

this little turtle was right along the path. nature is so cool.

Summer Sun via Imperfect Chevron

that gorgeous mountain view.



A Day at the Museum

After a long day of midterms this week, a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to head over to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to enjoy a little study break.

The museum was beautiful, and so big that we couldn’t possible see it all in one afternoon. It made for a great outing!


My friend snapped this shot while I admired some work by Sebastian Errazuriz. The exhibit was called “Look Again” and I thought the work was really interesting. I’m going to have to do some research on the artist!



This bird chandelier by Sebastian Errazuriz was my favorite thing in the museum. I just love it!


We also stumbled upon a cool exhibit called “Maggie’s Centers: Blueprint for Cancer Care,” which explained about the amazing houses designed for holistic cancer care. I thought the idea was amazing, but maybe it’s just me (my future profession kind of buys into holistic health, and I believe in it, too!). You can read more about Maggie’s Centers here.

It was a fun afternoon, and I loved checking out another cool place in Pittsburgh. I’ve lived here almost 5 months now, and I still haven’t seen a lot of this city.