Painting: Playing Around

Have you ever had one of those weeks, when you just feel overall cruddy and grouchy? Last week was a doozy for me. I was emotionally and mentally exhausted, and I don’t love admitting that I had a few spontaneous emotional outbursts. It was a long week.

When Friday rolled around, I was ready for a break. I pulled out a big sheet of paper, all of the paintbrushes that I don’t use on a regular basis, and a few colors of paint. And then I just let loose.


I had no pattern, nothing to follow, no rules. I just made random brush strokes, played with color and patterns. I even let paint drip down over it. It felt so good! And I know it’s nothing special, but I hung it over my bed when I was done, because it made me feel so good. I love it. Every time that I look at it, it reminds me that sometimes it’s okay to take a break from the hectic schedules. Sometimes it’s okay to just play around and have fun for an hour or two.


I’m really trying to give myself more time to get my creative energy out. Painting is something that gives me so much joy, and I’m trying to let myself do it more.

Have a great week, everyone! Can you believe April is rolling in? Summer will be here before we know it.



DIY: Mixed Media Art

Over the past year, I’ve found one of my true loves in life: painting. My brother took a painting class in high school, which encouraged my mom to start playing around with it. Last Christmas she recruited me to paint old CD’s for an outdoor art project, and I soon became obsessed with it. I’ve improved a lot with each painting, and I find that painting relaxes me in the best, creative kind of way. Gotta love that.
Here’s an easy DIY multimedia art project for even the faint-of-heart. I promise, if you have an hour and a paintbrush, you can create something amazing.

You’ll need:
1. Acrylic paint–choose any color(s) that you like. It’s best to keep the background a little simple if you want to use patterned papers to keep the piece cool, not crazy.
2. A paintbrush
3. Patterned paper–I used old origami paper that my grandma had given us when my brother and I went through an origami phase in elementary school. You could use cardstock, fabric, or other paper.
4. Mod podge–you can find it at any craft store, or make it at home.
5. Cookie cutters or other traceable objects (optional)
6. Painting paper or a canvas to paint on.

Let’s get started:
1. Pick an object that you want to be the subject of your art. I picked a camel, which I had a cookie cutter for, but you could do any object: flowers, animals, birds. Trace the object on the back side of your patterned paper, and cut out the shape.

2. Get out your paints! I used pink, yellow, and white paints to make my colors. I then used a ruler to mark a straight line. I painted the ground pink, and the sky yellow, because I wanted my camels to really pop! Let the paint dry before attaching your shapes.

3. Use mod podge to fasten your patterned shapes on the canvas. Make sure you get them positioned right! Allow them to dry, and then display.

Nice work! I hope you enjoy this DIY art project. Play with it, and have fun!