Book Talk: The Book Thief

Don’t worry: no spoilers in this post!! Read on, book-lovers.

I love a good read. When I was a kid, my mom would take us to the library in the summer and I would pick 4 or 5 books because I couldn’t stop finding things I wanted to read. And once we made it home, I’d curl up in an armchair and read for hours; I was the girl who could finish a book in one sitting because I’d get addicted to the story. As a busy college student with a job, I haven’t had much time to read the past four years, which makes me so sad. But this winter break I’ve been (very slowly) making my way through The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

Okay, okay. I admit that I’m a bit late on The Book Thief bandwagon. The movie (which I haven’t seen, and am not sure that I want to see it) based on the book came out this fall, and I’ve seen loads of book lists on Pinterest that include The Book Thief as a must-read. But I would highly recommend this amazing novel.
I’m pretty picky with books–I don’t enjoy a book unless it’s well-written, and The Book Thief is just that. The unique narrator pushes this novel past falling flat as “just another Holocaust story” and the story is woven together neatly. It sucks you in and won’t let go. Even hours after finishing the book, I’m still thinking about the story and characters, with whom I became strongly attached to.
I hope you head to your local library to pick up The Book Thief, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I have! Happy reading!
Xo, Kelly