Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas // Imperfect Chevron

It hasn’t really felt much like Christmas to me yet this year. I’m not sure if it’s because I moved to California and there’s no snow, or if it’s because I’ve been very busy at work, or if it’s because I won’t be home for Christmas this year…but I haven’t been feeling very festive this month.

Anyway, it’s my first Christmas alone, and it definitely feels weird. But things are going good here so far, and I’m grateful for it. I know I’ve made the right decision in moving across the country by myself to start a brand new job in a brand new city. It feels really right (and also kind of like I’m getting dragged behind the boat most of the time, but I digress). Like I’m where I’m meant to be. Good vibes only!

I hope that your Christmas is merry and bright, no matter where you are and no matter who you’re with (or not with). Fill your day with love and joy, find happiness in the little things, and be present in the moment. Wishing all of you (and your families!) a very Merry Christmas.


2016 Holiday Playlist

Once December hits, I’m ready to get festive for the season. I pull out all the fuzzy blankets (which I secretly keep out all year long, #AlwaysCold am I right?), brew up a mug of hot tea, and make a cozy and festive holiday playlist. This year, I’ll be spending my first Christmas totally alone, away from home. And while I’m pretty ok with it so far, I know I’ll really want a solid playlist to keep me feeling the holiday spirit, even when I start to get all the homesick feels.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas music, but the classic stuff gets kind of old after a little while. So I made a little Indie Christmas playlist with some fun and different tunes, and I’m sharing it with you all today in case you want something festive to listen to this season!

Christmas 2016 Festive Playlist

2016 Festive Playlist // Imperfect Chevron

Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The Killers
Christmas in the Room – Sufjan Stevens
Wonderful Christmastime – Paul McCartney
The Christmas Waltz – She & Him
Last Christmas – Wham!
Christmas is Cancelled – The Long Blondes
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Death Cab for Cutie
Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
Goodbye England,Covered in Snow – Laura Marling
Little Drum Machine Boy – Beck
The Cowboys Christmas Ball – The Killers
Santa Stole My Lady – Fitz & The Tantrums
Won’t Be Home for Christmas – Blink 182
Silent Night – Low
The Christmas Song (Roasting Chesnuts) – Arcade Fire
Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight) – The Ramones
Holiday Road – The Walkmen
Have  Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Starflyer 59
Xmas Time is Here Again – My Morning Jacket
This Was the Worst Christmas Ever – Sufjan Stevens
I want an Alien for Christmas – Fountains of Wayne
I’m on Thin Ice – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
I Feel it in my Bones – The Killers
Father Christmas – The Kinks
Christmas Wrapping – Dog is Dead
Just Like Christmas – Low
Lonely This Christmas – Lucky Soul
I Wish it was Christmas Today – Julian Casablancas

Enjoy! Happy holidays to everyone (: Sending lots of warm hugs and good vibes to you all.


Florida Fun: Three Sisters Spring

I’ve been loving Florida so far, and while I’m very busy keeping up with Fieldwork during the week I try to get out and enjoy my time on the weekends. Most weekends, even if the weather’s cool, you’ll find me at the beach! But a few weeks back, I headed up to Three Sisters Spring in the Crystal River area to check out the boardwalk and hopefully (fingers crossed!) see some manatees.

Three Sisters Spring via Imperfect Chevron

You guys, Three Sisters Spring did not disappoint! The water, which is 72 degrees year round, is crystal clear–seriously, it’s beautiful. In the winter months, manatees flock to the springs for warmth and rest. You can kayak or take a dive tour in the river, but I chose to walk the boardwalk and view the manatees from land; it was $15 a person, but it was completely worth it! The day I visited the Spring, they counted over 200 manatee in the water, and it was amazing.

Three Sisters Spring via Imperfect Chevron

Look at all those manatees! They were beautiful. I watched them for at least 2 hours, I was so happy to see all of them. There were a bunch of littler ones, too, which was fun to see!

Three Sisters Spring via Imperfect Chevron

There’s a sweet mama and her babes. So cute!

I would definitely recommend a visit to Three Sisters Spring if you’re in the area in the winter. It’s amazing. I hope to kayak in the Crystal River before I leave Florida–something tells me I’d see loads of cool animals on the river.


Life Update: Welcoming March


Happy March, everyone! I am certainly glad to see February make it’s exit; it’s been a really hectic and overwhelming month at school, and the weather here in Pittsburgh has just been bitterly cold for so long that I’m not sure how much longer I can stand it! We had a couple of weeks in a row where the temperature didn’t make it above zero. I am truly thankful to my family and friends for listening to me complain and grouch about the weather.

I’m hoping for some warmer weather heading our way soon (please, let there be sun!) as March unfolds. My mood has also perked up a bit because I’m headed to Florida for spring break this year, and I can’t wait to get there. I’ve been looking forwards to this trip all winter long, and just knowing that I’ll soon be laying on a beach makes me feel a little less sad on the inside.


I made this birthday card for one of my good friends — can’t wait to mail it next month!


I’ve been trying to improve my lettering and handwriting skills, so I’ve been practicing every chance I get (aka during lengthy lectures and while watching 30 Rock — multitasking works, right?).

Anyway, lets hope that March brings us some sunshine and warmer temps. Have a great week!


How To: Survive Winter

I’ve complained about winter a lot, which makes me feel bad. It’s not that I completely hate the whole season…there are lots of things I do like about winter, like skiing, Christmas, cozy sweaters, and watching the snow fall. But I’m definitely more of a summer person. I’m the happiest in the sunshine, when I can spend all day long outside.

Winters are always so long (where I live, at least), and by the time February rolls around I’m already so over it, and we’re not even close to being done with winter. If you’re anything like me, it can be pretty hard to keep your spirits up this time of year.

So today, I’m sharing a little list of some tips for getting through the long winter.

How To Survive Winter

1. Find little things that make you happy.
For me, I find a lot of happiness in watching my neighborhood’s feral cats outside of my window. They’re sure resilient little kitties, walking through snow up to their stomachs and surviving the bitter cold Pittsburgh weather. I love watching them hang out and try to find those little patches of sunlight to bask in. I’m also trying to paint some (although school work prevents me from doing so as much as I’d like) because it makes me happy.

2. Get outside every day, no matter the weather.
I know, this sounds a little crazy. But I have to say that I always feel more productive and more awake/alive when I leave my house, even when it’s just for a 10 minute walk around the block. I just bundle myself up in tons of layers and head outside for a couple of minutes.

3. If possible, plan a trip or vacation.
I know that it isn’t always possible. This year, I’m going on a spring break trip for the first time in my life, and I could not be more excited. The mere thought of sitting on a beach in just a few short weeks is enough to keep me happy for a few hours! If you can’t go somewhere far, plan a day trip somewhere for a weekend. Having something to look forwards to really helps.

4. Get to the gym (sometimes).
I’ve been really pushing myself to get to the gym the last few weeks, and even though I hate HATE going, I always feel so much better about myself after I get back from the gym. Any kind of movement helps in the winter. If you live somewhere that doesn’t get so icy, take some brisk little winter walks!

Those are some of my tips for getting through winter alive. Do you have any good ideas? I’d love to hear them–winter is such a rough season for me, and I’m really struggling this year with the dreary Pittsburgh weather (I’m very seasonally affected, and I’m missing the sunshine something fierce right now!).


Picks from Pinterest: Welcoming Winter

If you know me, you probably laughed out loud at that title. “Kelly, welcoming winter? Ha!” you probably scoffed.

I’m not the biggest supporter of winter. Although I love skiing and appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow, I am definitely more of a summer girl at heart. I think it has something to do with the fact that I get pretty seasonally affected–I have a really hard time dealing with the cold, gray-ness of winter. I need a lot of sunshine in my life!

But even though I might not love winter with all my heart, there are always good things to look forwards to. I’m desperately excited to be able to head home for winter break and see my family–it’s been a really hard thing for me to be so far away! I’m really looking forwards to being home and spending time with my fam.

Here are some of my favorite finds from Pinterest lately:

1. These DIY citrus coasters would make a festive and amazing gift for any season

DIY citrus coasters

2. I’ve been dreaming of these Lacrosse waterproof shoes for a while now…

I want these

3. These pretty dolled-up dresser drawers would make any room feel instantly warmer

DIY wallpapered dresser drawers

4. This pink coat is amazing

Pink coat

5. I hardly ever drink, but the last couple times I’ve gone out with friends I’ve ordered G&T, which is my new favorite drink. This gin fizz looks like a yummy alternative!

Classic Gin Fizz Cocktail

It sounds like the East Coast is getting hit with another polar vortex this week (it’s so cold here this weekend!) so I’m going to try to stay bundled up. I’m trying to get a space heater for my bedroom so that I don’t get so cold while I’m studying–these old houses are neat but the heat sure doesn’t work that well!
Stay warm out there!